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Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
~Brené Brown

If you entered this life feeling on the outside in some way—an introvert, a highly sensitive person, a creative you will be seen, heard, and appreciated for your distinction here.


If your life has guided you beyond the bounds of social, familial, religious, sexual, or identity conventions, you will be respected, supported and encouraged here.


Like all relationships, a therapeutic relationship requires safety, security, and trust to expose our vulnerable parts longing to heal and re-engage. I offer a place where all of you is welcome and invited to do the deep and broad work of coming to know your Self, of distinguishing your protective parts, and your wounded parts that you may lead your inner and outer lives with increased compassion, curiosity, calm, connection, courage and confidence.  

Getting Answers

Find answers to more of your questions before we talk.








Getting Started

The first step is to connect. We make time to talk, ask questions and get answers. From there, we can schedule an initial session.

Request a free consultation with my secure contact form.

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