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Individual Therapy

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I celebrate myself, and sing myself.
~Walt Whitman

When you don’t fit social norms somehow, seeking help for common human problems or issues can be like running your self-worth and dignity through a gauntlet. If you don’t conform in ways society expects and often demands, you are more vulnerable to being stigmatized, rejected or discounted even by those who are in professional positions to offer you care.


You deserve to be seen, to be heard, and to be yourself anywhere you find yourself.

I work with individuals who:

  • Willingly process and integrate the negative effects of trauma and childhood wounds.

  • Courageously turn toward and challenge their health anxiety to find peace and acceptance of body sensations and conditions.

  • Take risks in being seen, expressing themselves, and building self-compassion as they challenge the limitations of social anxiety.

  • Relinquish their passive and passive aggressive defense strategies as part of reclaiming their worth and courage to express themselves assertively.

  • Are finding and nurturing an inner voice of self-compassion and acceptance after having been burdened by low self-worth and lack of confidence.

  • Find relief from a dutiful but hurtful inner critic or perfectionist by developing self-compassionate awareness that they are enough and deserve love.

  • Soften to, accept and resolve an unrelenting grief of losing of a loved one, a relationship, or life dream.

  • Are emerging from a depression rooted in denying their sexual orientation or gender identity to reclaim whole self.

  • Are tired of over accommodating others at the expense of their own needs, wants, and life purpose, and begin to ask, “What do I want? What is my purpose?”

Getting Started

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I am excited and honored to join you as you explore mindful self-discovery, transformation, deeper love and connection in relationship, spiritual awareness, and whole-hearted wellness. Psychotherapy with a trusted, competent guide provides the ground and compass for increased acceptance of what is, self-compassion, and intentional change.

I see you, I hear you, and celebrate who you are. I am a therapist who knows and leans into the borderlands of life. If it seems we could do some meaningful work together, schedule a free consultation with my secure contact form.

We can talk briefly to get more acquainted. I’ll ask you about what’s going on, what you hope to accomplish, and what’s in your way. You can ask me questions. From there, we can schedule an initial session.

Kathryn A. Williams, LPC, NCC

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